Align Coaching & Consulting exists to support leaders, organizations and individuals to unleash greater impact through thoughtfully exploring their environment and aligning with their higher purpose.

Founded by Marilyn Friedmann in 2000 as 1433841 Ontario Inc., Align Coaching & Consulting has helped dozens of leaders and organizations to better understand their external environment, opportunities and threats, organization's strengths and risks and to develop and implement action plans to achieve greater impact.

Align Coaching & Consulting is based in Toronto and has worked with large Canadian non-profit organizations as well as global companies with over $1B of annual revenue.

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Align (ə-līnˈ)
to change something so that it has a correct relationship to something else

"I see my role differently than many of the coaches I have met. Instead of merely 'coaching executives’, I focus on helping to nurture organizational cultures where employees are empowered to bring authentic leadership to their roles anywhere in the organization. Increasingly, employees need to be able to make tough choices about how they use their time. There are rarely enough hours in the day to do everything on their plates so they need to make intentional choices about how to make the best use of what they have available.

In the non-profit world in particular, it often seems as though strategic intent outstrips available resources, and it is becoming far more critical to make the tough choices that align strategic intent to the resources at hand. What must you and your team say NO to in order to focus and achieve greater results? How can you empower your team to make better decisions about how they use their time, talent and available resources? How do you cultivate an organization culture in which people and the organization thrive?

So what do I imagine? I imagine a world in which all of us behave as leaders who are committed to our organizations, community and the well-being of people and our planet. We ensure clarity of strategy, adequate resources and disciplined implementation. We empower others with clear accountability and authority to act within their defined roles and we support them in making good decisions. We get out of people’s way and allow them to lead what is theirs to lead. I imagine a world in which organizations and people thrive; a world where there is less burn out and more vibrancy." – Marilyn Friedmann


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