Reveal greatness

"In every block of marble I see a statue as plain as though it stood before me, shaped and perfect in attitude and action. I have only to hew away the rough walls that imprison the lovely apparition to reveal it to the other eyes as mine see it."


I love Michelangelo's work and am amazed at how unique his perspective was. He perceived that the image—the sculpture—was already present in the block of marble he selected. His work was only to chip away at the parts of the stone that hid the magnificence that was already there.

I'm no Michelangelo but I do see how his perspective relates to my work as a coach.  I have a deep desire to work with motivated clients to unleash the magnificence that already exists within them. I work as a trusted partner with my clients to chip away at the things that hold them back from realizing what is most important to them and help them create a path forward that aligns with their personal values and sense of purpose.


  • Executive & Leadership Coaching
  • Career Management & Transition
  • Life Transitions

"Transition is the bridge that leads from the no longer to the not yet. Nobody can predict what that bridge is going to look like. It may be obvious and sturdy, and we may find it easily through the fogs of our bewilderment. Or it may be rickety and clearly unsafe, and we hardly dare entrust our weight to it….

The point is, however, that we have to cross the bridge, and as we risk that crossing, we will discover that the bridge itself is our guide and mentor, and it has everything to teach us about the path that lies ahead, beyond the transition. In fact, we will learn much more on that bridge, about ourselves, about life, and about God, in our transitions than on all the smoother pathways that we journey." – Margaret Silf, The Other Side of Chaos

person walking over a land bridge
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