Community Investment / CSR

Be part of the solution

A growing number of companies and their brands are embracing the importance of standing for something far greater than their brand or company name.  Customers increasingly want to know what the companies they chose to do business with stand for.

If you don’t stand for something that your target customer cares about, they are likely going to look further for a brand that does.

Align Coaching and Consulting helps companies to build trust, engagement and purpose with customers, employees, other stakeholders and society in general.

Corporate philanthropy is still an important strategy for companies and an important source of revenue for nonprofits. Things are changing however. Companies are becoming more strategic in their engagement with social causes. They are finding ways to engage their employees and customers in more meaningful ways, engaging their supply chains, bringing brand assets into the equation and looking for ways to play a greater role in societal improvement, not just writing cheques to charitable organizations.

Companies are looking for more strategic partnerships with nonprofits with a longer term commitment, deeper engagement and focusing on fewer causes.

For more information on the current state of community investment, download Corporate Giving in a Changing Canada from Imagine Canada.

A growing number of companies across the globe are becoming more attuned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and deciding which goals represent the best fit for their company’s sustainability efforts.

Marilyn Friedmann has worked with companies like Maple Leaf Foods Inc., Shoppers Drug Mart, Starbucks Canada, IAMGOLD, Barrick Gold, Zenon Environmental, Roche, Purina to assess, recommend and help develop meaningful community investment strategies that fit well with their brand value proposition and that build trust and deepen engagement.

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