The more leaders I work with, the more I see their best work polluted by anxiety, frustration, or unhappiness. For this reason, I'm pleased to begin offering courses in Positive Intelligence to help improve our mental fitness.

Positive Intelligence (PQ) seeks to significantly improve:

  • Peak performance
  • Peace of mind / wellness
  • Relationships

PQ is a measure of the strength of positive thinking processes in the brain, referred to as “Sage muscles” versus negative thinking processes, referred to as “Saboteur muscles”. Positive intelligence is also referred to as mental fitness - a person’s capacity to respond to life’s challenges, including interpersonal relationships with positive, rather than negative mindset.

PQ is a synthesis of recent breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive and positive psychology, and performance science that has been validated by research that included over half a million participants in 50 countries including:

  • hundreds of CEOs
  • sales, operations and technology teams
  • Stanford University students

Time Commitment for You

Here is what you need to commit to in order to reap the benefits of this program:

  • 15 minutes a day over the course of the 6 week PQ program to complete exercises that are provided to you in the app. Each exercise takes only 2 minutes and helps build your mental fitness.  Exercises are available for you to complete within designated times Monday through Friday (e.g. Focus of the day before 9 am; Challenge 1 between 9 am and noon; Challenge 2 between noon and 3 pm; Challenge 3 between 3 & 6 pm; Journal reflection between 6 pm and midnight). Note on Monday you only have to complete Focus of the Day and ensure you have completed watching the one hour video.
  • Watch the 1-hour weekly video sometime between Saturday morning and end of day Monday
  • Read the book or listen to the audio version of the first 8 chapters, available through the app
  • Participate in a weekly online pod meeting (ideally we would have 3 to 5 people completing the program at the same time who can encourage one another over the course of the 6 weeks.  If you are doing the program alone, we would need to arrange a weekly check-in meeting between you and me.  People tend to stick with the program more when they are part of a group / cohort but you can do it alone, with my support, if you feel you can maintain the commitment for 6 weeks)
  • Complete the free online Saboteur Assessment

Positive Intelligence for Teams

Even though the focus of the program is individual development, team leaders often call this experience the best team building experience they have ever had. Going through this program together significantly deepens trust, helps clear the air related to recurrent team member conflicts since they're mostly generated by Saboteurs, and gives the entire team a common framework for helping each other grow, making decisions, responding to setbacks, and managing conflicting styles and agendas.

Results reported by companies that have invested in the Positive Intelligence program include:

  • At MetLife, trained salespeople outsold the control group by 37%
  • Motorola recorded improved productivity in 93% of trained employee
  • In a UK restaurant group, higher competency resulted in 34% greater profit growth
  • At Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceutical, the average salesperson with improved competency sold $55,200 more per month
  • At L’Oreal, strength in these competencies resulted in $91,370 increase per person

"Most of the trainings I’ve done fizzle out very quickly. I started this program a year ago and its impact on me keeps growing. It has been life changing on so many levels. I’m so much more effective and have so much less stress in every area of my life - from blowing past revenue targets at work, to far more fulfilling relationships at home."

Bruce Zali, VP of Sales & Marketing, Promise Technology

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